Attention 401(k) Administrators!

If you’re the named administrator or acting fiduciary of your company’s 401(k) plan, you might want to consider having an independent review conducted of your company’s 401(k) fees, expenses and investment performance.  Consider the following excerpts from the Department of Labor’s website:

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“As a plan fiduciary, you have an obligation under ERISA to prudently select and monitor plan investments, investment options made available to the plan’s participants and beneficiaries, and the persons providing services to your plan.  Understanding and evaluating plan fees and expenses associated with plan investments, investment options, and services are an important part of a fiduciary’s responsibility. This responsibility is ongoing. After careful evaluation during the initial selection, you will want to monitor plan fees and expenses to determine whether they continue to be reasonable in light of the services provided.”

“…the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), requires that those responsible for managing retirement plans — referred to as fiduciaries — carry out their responsibilities prudently and solely in the interest of the plan’s participants and beneficiaries. Among other duties, fiduciaries have a responsibility to ensure that the services provided to their plan are necessary and that the cost of those services is reasonable.  

Source: Department of Labor (pdf version) (direct website link)


About the Author:

Tim Plachta, CFP® owns and operates Reliant Wealth Management and Reliant Consulting Partners.  He works primarily with small business owners to help them increase profit, reduce their workload (so they can relax more), and invest enough of their earnings to achieve financial independence.